Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does registration close for upcoming events?

48 hours before the event, registration will be closed. All registrations after this time will be subject to a $50 walk up fee.


  • What can I bring to the track?

               Any car or motorcycle that meets the tech requirements, shown in the tech tab, can be used at Motorheads track days.


  • What time should I show up?
Please show up an hour before the event to set up your pits, complete registration and attend riders/drivers meeting before getting on track.


  • What if it rains?

               Motorheads events will run rain or shine. In the case of exceptional weather (ie. snow) you will be notified of a cancellation.


  • Can I get a refund for bad weather or if I can't make it? 

               No, refunds/credits will only be issued if an event is cancelled.


  • What kind of gear can I wear to ride a motorcycle on the track?
    • 1- or 2-piece leather or textile suit, if 2-piece it must zip together around the waist.
    • Riding boots that cover above the ankle.
    • Gauntlet-style gloves (covering the wrist).
    • Helmet rated for motorcycle track use (i.e. Snell M2010, ECE 22.05.)


  • What should I bring to the track?

               Bring enough fuel for the day, lots of water, and lunch for full day events.